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Dr. Laura Greene discusses education and engagement

Mon, February 02, 2015

Dr. Laura Greene discusses A Global Partnership Promoting Science Education Through Engagement (GSEE).
This interview can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqog5xGMxCg

GSEE was conceived during the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Institute for Complex Matter [ICAM] at the University of Cambridge. This ICAM-initiated global science initiative is an experiment in science education—to see whether by sharing information and working together on major initiatives, a group of leading educational institutions, scientific societies, science museums, corporations, and individuals can accomplish far more than they can by working separately. Its goals are to inspire more working scientists to become engaged in informal science education at every stage in their careers, and to give them the tools and guidance to do so effectively.

During the past year, the number of GSEE Founding Partners has expanded significantly, with the AAAS, the American Association of Physics Teachers, American Institute of Physics, Argonne National Laboratory, the National Academy of Sciences, the Field Museum, the Koshland Museum, Northwestern University, MIT, and Fermilab joining ICAM and seventeen ICAM branches in becoming Founding Partners.

For more information see: http://icam-i2cam.org/index.php/outreach/gsee

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