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ICAM Member Suchitra Sebastian talks about Materials and Superconductors at Google X

Wed, March 12, 2014

Suchitra Sebastian, from the ICAM node at Cambridge, gave a talk at Google X’s “Solve for X” summit held at the Google Campus in Cordevall in February. Entrepreneurs and scientists from around the world gathered at Google’s annual summit to discuss invited ‘moonshot proposals’. These are radical ideas for how groundbreaking technology can solve global problems. Her talk, about the great potential of materials, particularly superconductors, was presented alongside media luminaries such as Ira Glass.

As part of the demonstration, Suchitra used a levitating train demonstration supported by ICAM, which we plan to use at several future outreach events. One idea is to use demonstrations like this to link up with entrepreneurs and foundations, to encourage their support of emergent materials research. Plans are afoot to hold one such event in London this summer.

Suchitra’s Google X talk can be viewed at the link below.



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