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ICAM-I2CAM Junior Scientist Exchange Awards

Exchange Awardee Primary Mentor Secondary Mentor Year Subject
Khansaa Essa Daniel Cox, UC Davis Alex Navrotsky, UC Davis 2012 Surface energy of nanometals (such as copper, iron)
Paul Syers Johnpierre Paglione, University of Maryland Michael Sutherland 2012 Mapping out the Fermi Surface
Haridas Mundoor Jaydeep Basu, Indian Inst. Of Science Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2012 Exciton – Plasmon Interaction in Quantum dot – Metal Nano Structures
Qingkun Liu Sailing He, Zhejiang University Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2011 Study of Viscoelastic Properties of Complex Fluids by Means of Optical Angular Momentum Transfer and Use of Birefringent and/or Shape-Anisotropic Colloids
Kripa Gowrishankar Madan Rao, NCBS Alex Mogilner, UC Davis 2011 Hydrodynamic description of the Spindle
Clayton Lapointe Thomas Mason, UCLA Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2011 Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Interactions of Lithographically Fabricated Colloidal Particles in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Jianqiang Zhao Yanlei Yu, Fudan Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2011 Light-directed assembly of gold nanorods and photo deformable elastomeric colloidal micro particles in liquid crystals
Anat Burger Peter G. Wolynes, UC San Diego Aleksandra Walczak 2011 Abduction and Asylum in the Lives of Transcription Factors
Sujay Ray Hamza Balci, Kent State Ahmet Yidtz, UC Berkeley 2011 Single Molecule Studies of Human Telomere-Binding Proteins(TEBP)
Clayton Lapointe Thomas Mason, UCLA Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2010 Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Interactions of Lithographically Fabricated Colloidal Particles in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Yaoran Sun Sailing He, Zhejiang University Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2010 Confined liquid crystals and topological defects for tunable and dynamically controlled photonic crystals and waveguides
Li Jiang Sailing He, Zhejiang University Thomas Huser, UC Davis 2010 Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) - Assisted Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Microscopy
Rafael Fernandes Andrey Chubukov, University of Wisconsin Joerg Schmalian, Ames Laboratory 2010 Collective excitations in unconventional superconductors: Fe-based and cuprate superconductors
Deniz Alpay* Cleva Ow-Yang, Sabanci University Robert Langer, MIT 2010 Tissue engineering and SiRNA delivery systems
Dan Parshall Dmitry Reznik, UC Boulder Rolf Heid, Karlsruhe 2010 Investigation of electron-phonon coupling in a new superconductor
Gorkem Soyumer Ismet Inonu Kaya, Sabanci University Bennett Goldberg, Boston University 2010 Investigation of the electronic and mechanical properties of graphene
Angel Martinez Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, University of Queensland 2009 Chiral interactions of photopolymerized colloids in complex ordered fluids
Julian Evans Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder Dick Broer, Netherlands 2009 Structured liquid crystal polymer-nanoparticle composite materials for electro-optic and photonic applications
Budhadipta Dan Matteo Pasquali, Rice University Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2009 Topological defects, structures, and self-assembly in novel liquid crystalline
Fionn McLoughlin Christa Testerink, Amsterdam Edgar Kooijman, Kent State University 2009 Biophysical characterization of the binding specificity and affinity of protein kinases to phosphatidic acid
Mesa Dalgis Jiandi Zhang, LSU Jiandong Guo, CAS 2009 Investigation of the spin-lattice coupling in Fe-based superconductors
Ilya Eremin* Andrey Chubukov, Wisconsin Joerg Schmalian, Ames Lab 2009 Collective excitations in unconventional superconductors: Fe-based and cuprate superconductors
Eric Duchon Nandini Trivedi, Ohio State University Naoki Kawashima, ISSP Tokyo 2009 Develop an advanced quantum Monte Carlo algorithm for boson-fermion mixtures
Mohammad Qureshi Hamza Balci, Kent State University Aziz Sancar, Chapel Hill 2009 Single molecule studies of human nucleotide excision repair and DNA damage checkpoint
Demet Tatar Kesten Cleva W. Ow-Yang, MIT Michael Aziz, Harvard University 2009 Nanoscale morphology evolution in ion sputter erosion
Yasuyuki Kato Naoki Kawashima, ISSP Tokyo Nandini Trivedi, OSU 2009 Cold atoms in optical lattices
Nazar Ileri* Pieter Stroeve, UC Davis Philippe Renaud, EPFL 2009 Controlled molecular transport through nanofilters with tapered and cylindrical pores
Suman Anand M.N. Kamalasanan, India Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2008 Optical trapping and manipulation of defects in liquid crystals
Rajdeep Deb Nandiraju Rao, Assam Univ, India Noel Clark, UC Boulder 2008 Characterization of novel light-sensitive and luminescent azo- or ester- based liquid crystals by optical techniques
Lorenzo DeLeo Gaby Kotliar, Rutgers Antoine Georges, Paris 2008 Advanced impurity solvers for Dynamical Mean Field Theory
Kory Golchert Rachel Martin, UC Irvine Dimitrios Sakellariou, Paris 2008 To apply coil spinning NMR technique (DS) to protein samples from RM lab
Kristina Lilova* Aleko Konstantinov, Bulgaria Alex Navrotsky, UC Davis 2008 Measuring the high temperature thermodynamic properties of a series of complex oxide solutions containing rare earths and tetravalent metals such as Zr, Hf and Ce
Qingkun Liu Sailing He, Zhejiang Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2008 Nanoparticle alignment, assembly & positioning in LCs explored using quantum dots, rods, and multipods
Ramarao Pratibha N. Madhusudana, Bangalore W. Park, UC Boulder 2008 Nano structured liquid crystals as tunable metamaterials
Young Gul Song Kee Hoon Kim, Seoul Sang-Wook Cheong, Rutgers 2008 Investigations on New Multiferroic Materials; Low-Dimensional Frustrated Magnets
Oksana Trushkevych* Bill Crossland, Cambridge Ivan Smalyukh, UC Boulder 2008 Liquid crystal nanomaterials and nanophotonics
Nicholas Butch Brian Maple, UC San Diego Neil Harrison, LANL 2008 High magnetic field properties of URu2-xRexSi2
Kory Gulchert R. Martin*, UC Irvine D. Sakellariou, CEA Saclay, France 2008 To apply coil spinning NMR technique (DS) to protein samples from RM lab
Sumanta Tewari S. Das Sarma, Maryland Chetan Nayak, UC Santa Barbara 2007 Non-Abelian Statistics in Ultracold Fermions and Strontium Ruthenate
Scott Riggs Gary Boebinger, Florida State Albert Migliori, LANL 2007 Phase Diagram of the Cuprates in the 60T Long Pulse Magnet
Torben Haenke B. Buechner, IFW Dresden, Germany J.C. Davis, Cornell University 2007 Spin polarized scanning tunneling microscopy
Mukhopadhyay, Sourin Pratap Raychaudhuri, TIFR, Mumbai, India Ali Yazdani, Princeton University 2007 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of high temperature superconductors
Paul Whitford J. Onuchic,UCSD V. Leite, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Sao Jose do Rio Preto, Brazil 2007 Collaboration on all atom Go models for proteins
Meera Parish* C. Callan, Princeton Univ. P. Littlewood, Cambridge 2007 Transport in porous Si and Cold Atoms Theory
Y. Kato N. Trivedi,*Ohio State N. Kawashima, ISSP University of Tokyo 2007 Quantum Phase Transitions In Optical Lattices
Steve Rodan S. Cheong, Rutgers K. Kim, Seoul National University 2007 Experimental Study of novel multiferroics
Gustavo C. Cardoso de Costa A. Navrotsky*, UC Davis RHR Castro, FEI University Center, SBC Brazil; R. Muccillo, IPEN-USP, S. Paulo Brazil 2007 Complex phase transitions in nanoscale zirconia/yttria ceramics
Lorenzo de Leo G. Kotliar, Rutgers A. Georges, Ecole Polytechnique, paris 2007 Development of new `impurity solvers’ in dynamical mean field theory
Dong Cai Kris Kempa, Boston College Michael Giersig, Bonn 2006 Microwave Electroportation use of carbon nanospears into biomimetic membranes
Justyna J. Krokowich* Bonn University Boston College 2006 Microwave electroporation use for new cell transfection
Stephen White UC Irvine 2006
Anton Vorontsov Ilya Vekhter, Louisiana State Matthias Eschrig, Karlsruhe 2006 Superconductor-Ferromagnet Hybrid Structures with Spin Orbit Interaction
Aleksandra Walczak* Peter Wolynes, UC San Diego Les Houches 2006 Summer School on Complex Systems
Chris Marianetti Gaby Koltiar, Rutgers Antoine Georges, Paris 2006 Dynamical mean field theory + LDA
Jun Liu Joerg Schmalian, Iowa State Nandini Trivedi, Ohio State 2006 NMR/EPR of Correlated Electron Superconductors
Cris Marianetti G. Kotliar, Rutgers A. Georges, Paris 2006 Dynamical mean field theory + LDA
Jean Domenge A. Georges Paris G. Kotliar Rutgers 2006 DFT++
Arkady Shekter A. Finkelstein, Weiszmann Institute C. Varma, UC Riverside 2006 Spin orbit induced focusing of electrons in semiconductor heterostructures
Alexandre Zimmers R.L. Greene, U. Maryland N. Bontemps,* ESPCI, Paris 2006 Learning Raman and STM techniques for the study of high temperature superconductors
M.S. Swaroop S.K. Pati, JSPCI Bangalore D. Cox, R.R.P. Singh, UC Davis 2006 Band gap engineering of DNA
Track II Ilya Vekhter, LSU M. Eschrig, Karlsruhe 2006
Track II K. Kempa, Boston College M. Giersig, CAESAR, Bonn 2006 Microwave electroporation of carbon nanospears into biomimetic membranes
Antje Hermelink* Gerald Brezesinski, Max Planck Institute of colloids and Interfaces, Germany Arne Gericke, Kent State University, Department of Chemistry. 2006 Biophysical characterisation of a protein-lipid interaction
Arnd Huebsch P. Fulde, Dresden D. Cox, Davis 2006 Ab initio Anderson model spectra for transition metal complexes and proteins
Michael Prentiss P. Wolynes, UCSD D. Wales, Cambridge 2006 New algorithms for exploring protein/molecular energy landscapes
Jong Chin Lin D.L. Cox,UC Davis F.B. AndersSaarbrucken University 2006 Correlated Hybridization Effects in Molecular Transistors
Vladislav. Volman H. Levine, UCSD E. Ben Jacob, Tel Aviv University 2006 to investigate aspects of neuro-glia communication in cultured cortical networks
Anil. Gunay* I. Kaya,Sabanci University, Istanbul E. Canci,Boston Univ. 2006 detection of the small vibrations of a nanomechanical resonator using a tunneling probe
Kazihiro Fujita S. Uchida Tokyo S. DavisCornell 2005-2006 Scanning probe studies of novel materials
Jianping. Pan* D.Cox, Davis E. Artacho, Cambridge 2005 Electronic structure of metalloproteins
Ben. Li Young N. Curro LANL J. Haase, Leibniz Inst. 2005 NMR of complex superconductors
John Janik, Darko Tanaskovic, Marcus Mueller, Claudio Castelnovo V. Dobrosavljevic,Florida State/NHMFL J. Zaanen, Leiden 2005 To attend extended Leiden workshop on Complex Phenomena in Quantum Criticality
Anne Paduska* R. Hoffmann Cornell C.N.R. Rao, Bangalore 2005 Oxide science and science outreach
Robert Walder M. Dennin, Irvine C. Schmidt, Amsterdam` 2005 Membrane/protein active networks
Sichun Yang H. Levine, UCSD M. Vendrusculo, Cambridge 2005 Modeling protein aggregation
Kapil Krishan Ka Yee Lee, University of Chicago Michael Dennin, UC Irvine 2005 Collapse of Monolayers
K. Kazmyrenko B. Doucut Paris L. Ioffe, Rutgers 2005 Topological order in Josephson junctions
Simon Kos P. Littlewood, Cambridge D. Smith, D Pines, LANL 2005 Spintronics, charge ordering in the manganites
Ilia Rushkin Paul Wiegmann, Chicago UCLA Year Random Shapes IPAM Program
Zhe Qu Zhiqiang Mao, Tulane Wei Bao, LANL Experimental evidence of spin-valves effect in bulk oxide material Ca3Ru2O7

Legend: * - Female or under-represented group
Bold text: one leg of exchange award to or from emerging nation


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David Pines Remembered


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