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ICAM Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Mentor I Mentor II Year Title
Nastaran Hadizadeh Stephen C. Kowalczykowski
UC Davis
David Bensimon
Ecole Normale Superieure
2014-2015 TSingle molecule studies of homologous recombination
Jian-gang Guo Pengcheng Dai
Rice University
Haibing Peng
University of Houston
2014-2015 Neutron scattering studies of crystal structure and lattice dynamic
Miroslaw Salamonczky J.T. Gleeson
Kent State University
J. K. Dhont
Dhont-Forshungszentrum Julich
2014-2015 Novel ordered colloids utilizing bent-shaped bioparticles
Carsten Enderlein Elisa Maria Baggio Saitovitch
Gilbert George Lonzarich
University of Cambirdge
2014-2015 Elemental materials under high pressures and magnetic fields in the vicinity of a Lifshgitz type metal-insulator transition
Xiang Sun Barry Dunietz
Kent State University
Eitan Geva
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2014-2015 Ab-initio molecular modeling of electron transfer and transport in organic semiconductor cyrstals  
Pragya Srivastava Mark Bowick
Syracuse University
Paul Chaikin
New York University
2014-2015 Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Condensed Matter Order on Curved Surfaces
Jennifer Ogilvie
University of Michigan
Shaul Mukamel
UC Irvine
2014-2015 The Emergence of Coherence in Photosynthesis  
David Rocklin Xiaoming Mao
University of Michigan
Vincenzo Vitelli
Universiteit Leiden
2014-2015 Topological order of isostatic lattices
Marco Leoni Pierre Sens
Institut Curie, Paris
M. Cristina Marchetti
Syracuse University
2014-2015 Soft Active Matter and Synchronisation - A New Theory for Dynamic Self-organisation, Waves and Chemotaxis in Motile Cells
Maria Oviedo Bryan M Wong
UC Riverside
Gregory D Scholes
2014-2015 Non-Equilibrium Quantum Dynamics in Large Light-Harvesting Pentacene Complexes
Yasuyuki Shimura Luis Balicas
Florida State University
Satoru Nakatsuji
University of Tokyo
2014-2015 Quantum Critically and Topological Phase Transition in a Strongly Correlated Metal
Min Shuai Antal Jakli
Kent State University
Noel Clark
University of Colorado
2014-2015 Electron Microscopy of Liquid Crystal Phases of Bent Core Molecules
Jennifer Miroslaw J.T. Glesson
Kent State University
JK Dhont
Dhont-Forshungszentrum Julich
2014-2015 Innovative avenues towards developing new families of high temperature superconducting materials, and measurements of their electronic structure
Stefanos Kourtis Bogdan Andrei Bernevig
Princeton University
Claudio Castelnovo
University of Cambridge
2014-2015 Combining correlations and topology towards manupulable quantum matter
Jian-Wei Shuai Ian Parker
UC Irvine
Chen-Xu Wu
Xiamen University
2013-2014 Proposed Research: (1) Cellular Calcium Dynamics, and (2) Signaling Network Dynamics in Cancer Cells
  Luke Somers Eva Andrei
Rutgers University
Meni Wanunu
Northeastern University
2013-2014 Chemical Identification and DNA Sequencing by Tunnelling between Graphene Leads
Hassan Masoud Michael Shelley
New York University
Howard Stone
Princeton University
2013-2014 Harnessing Self‐Oscillating Gels to Design Active Soft Matter Systems
Prashant Jain Vivian Zapf
Susumu Kitagawa
Kyoto University
2013-2014 Multiferroic Magnetoelectric Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Frameworks
Jennifer Misuraca Laura Greene
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Meigan Aronson
Stony Brook/BNL
2013-2014 Innovative avenues towards developing new families of high temperature superconducting materials, and measurements of their electronic structure
Leonid Isaev Ilya Vekhter
Louisiana State University
Cristian Batista
2013-2014 Magnetic Frustration and Kondo Screening
Maxim Dzero Carmen Almasan
Kent State University
Piers Coleman
Rutgers University
2012-2013 Theoretical Approach To Topological Kondo Insulators.
Celestino Creatore Peter Littlewood
University of Cambridge
Rosario Fazio
NEST-Scuola Normale Superiore
2011-2013 Quantum many-body phenomena in coupled cavity systems
Bohdan Senyuk Ivan Smalyukh
Univ. of Colorado Boulder
Matteo Pasquali
Rice University
2011-2013 Liquid Crystalline Self-Organization of Graphene Dispersions
Xiaoyu Deng Antoine Georges
Ecole Polytechnique, Paris
Xi Dai
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2011-2013 Electronic structure and thermoelectric properties of f-electron semiconducting compounds
Lina Klintberg Gil Lonzarich
University of Cambridge
Aharon Kapitulnik
Stanford University
2011-2012 High Pressure Measurements of Kerr and Faraday Effects
Aping Zhang Shaochen Chen
Sailing He
2011-2012 Fabrication of 3D Metamaterial Molecules Using Digital Micro-Mirror Device-Based Nanofabrication Technology
Johanna (Anne) M. Froyd-Rankenberg Edgar Kooijman
Kent State University
Christa Testerink
University of Amsterdam
2010-2012 Elucidating the biophysical principles underlying the phospholipid regulation of protein targets
Tao Hu Brian Maple
Carmen Almasan
Kent State University
2010-2012 Electronic and magnetic phenomena in transition metal oxides
Gia-Wei Chern Natalia Perkins
Univ. of Wisconsin
Cristian Batista
Los Alamos Nat’l Lab
2010-2012 Exotic phases and phase transitions in quantum spin-orbital systems
Magnus Andersson Stephen White
UC Irvine
Ronald Kaback
2010-2012 Dynamic control of the lactose permease membrane transporter
Michael Murrell Margaret Gardel
University of Chicago
Cecile Sykes
Institut Curie, Paris
2010-2012 Non-equilibrium mechanics of a biomimetic actin cortex
Wen-Juan Li Vidya Madhavan
Boston College
Ward Plummer
Louisiana State University
2009-2011 STM, LEED, and HREELS studies of pnictides
Tatiana Kuriabova Meredith Betterton
UC Boulder
Daniel Needleman
Harvard University
2009-2011 Theory of active liquid-crystalline gels and mitotic spindle self-organization
Elad Harel Greg Engel
University of Chicago
Lucio Frydman
2009-2011 Dissecting fundamental mechanisms of DNA photostability and photodamage using electronic quantum coherence
Fangfu Ye Paul Goldbart
University of Illinois
Xiangjun Xing
Syracuse University
2009-2011 Liquid crystalline elastomers and their structural and elastic randomness
John Harden Stephen McGill
Florida State
Samuel Sprunt
Kent State University
2009-2010 Giant flexoelectricity of bent-core nematic liquid crystals: Its origin and potential applications for microscale energy conversion
Clayton Lapointe Thomas Mason
Ivan Smalyukh
UC Boulder
2008-2010 Complex Colloids in Complex Ordered Fluids
Gunnar Moller Nigel Cooper
Victor Gurarie
UC Boulder
2008-2010 Creating and Manipulating Topological States of Matter in 2D p-wave Chiral Superconductors
Yifeng Yang Daniel Cox
UC Davis
David Pines
2008-2010 Emergent Behavior in Heavy Electron Materials
Lifang Shi Christine Orme
Gang-yu Li
UC Davis
2008-2010 Development of a new scanning probe and optical microscopy-based methodology for probing signaling process at single cell level
Martin Chambers Stephen McGill
Florida State
Samuel Sprunt
Kent State
2008-2009 Giant flexoelectricity of bent-core nematic liquid crystals: Its origin and potential applications for microscale energy conversion
Ali Naji Roya Zandi
UC Riverside
Alex Levine
2008-2009 Physics of viral entry
Palash Banerjee Chris Hammell
Ohio State
Bernd Buechner
2007-2008 Iron Filled Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes: Investigation of Novel Physical Properties and Technological Opportunities
Justin Burton Peter Taborek
UC Irvine
Sidney Nagel
University of Chicago
2007-2008 Irvine/Chicago Collaboration on Splashing Droplets
Cigdem Capan John F. DiTusa
Zachary Fisk
UC Irvine
2007-2008 Effect of Interactions of magneto-transport anomalies
Xu Du Eva Andrei
Rutgers University
Olson Reichhardt
2007-2008 Gassiness in Vortex Systems: From Experiment to Numerical Simulations
Kapil Krishan Ka Yee Lee
University of Chicago
Michael Dennin
UC Irvine
2007-2008 Collapse of Monolayers
Chad Miller Jarek Majewski
Tonya L. Kuhl
UC Davis
2007-2008 Exploring the Membrane Penetration Machinery of Bacterial Toxins
Suchitra Sebastian G. Lonzarich
Neil Harrison
2007-2008 Heaviness in f-electron superconductors: an investigation
Cristian Staii Giacinto Scoles
UC Davis 2007-2008 Ligand-Induced Structural Changes in Maltose Binding Proteins Measured by Atomic Force Microscopy
Fangfu Ye Jonathan Selinger
Kent State University
Alex Travesset
Iowa State University
2007-2008 String Defects in Liquid Crystal Systems
Florentin Popescu Kevin Bedell
Boston College
Khandker Quader
Kent State University
2006-2008 Novel Phases and Quantum Critical Behavior in Correlated Electron Materials
Vladimir Parpura UC Riverside Angel Garcia
2006-2008 Nanoscale Single Molecule Study for the Protein Binding Forces Necessary for Synaptic Vesicle-Presynaptic Membrane Fusion
Ivan Smalyukh Kent State Gerard Wong
2006-2007 Elasticity-mediated self-organization and colloidal interactions of solid spheres with tangential anchoring in a nematic liquid crystal
Bogdan Milhaila Los Alamos Nat’l Lab Cambridge University 2006-2008 Many-body Theory for Ultracold Atom Physics Applications Electronic Structure and Properties of Actinides
Anne Poduska Roald Hoffman
Cornell University
C. Rao
2005-2006 Oxide science and science outreach
Monica Fernandez-Vidal Stephen White
UC Irvine
Gunnar von Heijne
2005-2006 In vitro expression of designed transmembrane helices
Maxim Dzero Joerg Schmalian
Iowa State
Piers Coleman
Rutgers University
2004-2006 N/A
Huiqui Yuan Myron Salamon
Univ. of Illinois
Joseph Thompson
2004-2006 Probing the nature of unconventional superconductivity in the heavy electron materials


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David Pines Remembered


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