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Video on the ICAM website
Taking video
Uploading video
Embedding video in ICAM site
When things go wrong


ICAM blogger
Blogging using Expression Engine interface
Blogging using 3rd party software

Video on the ICAM website

ICAM keeps an online video library of events, presentations and conferences. The video footage is stored on our YouTube Channel and Presentations Page together with other related material, like PowerPoint presentations.

The process of archiving video on the ICAM website starts with taking video in a compressed digital format, which eliminates the need for time-consuming handling, like capturing and compressing. The video footage is uploaded to our YouTube Channel by our Video Submission System . Once the video footage is on YouTube it will be embedded on the ICAM website under Presentations for viewing.


Taking video

 Taking event video should be done using a hard-drive camcorder, we recommend using Panasonic SDR-H85. The instruction on this support site will be for the Panasonic camera. It is important to take video in a format that can be directly uploaded to YouTube. The video should not be larger than 11GB and the recording should not be stopped during a presentation.

Recording Format

The recording format should be LONG REC-LLP. When the camera is on and on video recording mode, you should see the recording mode on the camera screen.

If the camera is on a different mode:

  1. Press and Hold the [LONG REC] button, on the side of the camera, until the LONG REC mode goes on. (If you hold the button for more than 5 seconds and nothing happens, release and try again.)
  2. Press the [MENU] button. Next to the screen, select the [RECORD SETUP] option. Press [ENTER]. Go down to the [REC MODE], press [ENTER]. Select [LLP]. Press [ENTER] and then press [MENU].

NOTE: There is a limit to the size of video file that can be uploaded to YouTube and a limit on the file format. If you record video in the wrong mode, there might be a memory problem (not enough memory for the whole day), and the video will need to be compressed and converted to the correct format.( This is a long process that we want to avoid.)

(YouTube supported video formats:   .MOV   .MPEG4   MP4   .AVI   .WMV   .MPEGPS   .FLV   3GPP   WebM wav, wma, wmv.)

Taking video

When taking video, begin a new recording for each speaker or session.

Take notes on the speaker, presentation topic and collect any other related information (like PowerPoint presentation).

It is recommended to transfer the video footage to an external HD, a computer or a FTP server, rename the video file with event day, presenter and lecture info and upload the video to YouTube via the Upload Video page through the Member Home.

The video files are very large so upload them in a location with high speed internet connection.


External Hard-Drive Technical Notes:

If you are using a new external hard-drive, you might need to format the drive before using it. Some external hard-drives have some limitation on large size files and might give errors when you try to upload very large files.

FAT32 is the only file system that is fully compatible with both Mac and Windows, but the maximum file size is 4GB. This shouldn't be a problem, since the maximum file size for YouTube is 11GB. NTFS is a Windows file system with no size limitations. Macs can read NTFS, but can't write to it. Mac OS Extended is a Mac-only file system with no size limitations. The file system can be changed easily by reformatting the hard drive, once the data is backed up. If necessary, there is software available to read incompatible file systems.


Uploading video

Direct method: Uploading Individual Video Files

1. Request to have your member status changed to Authorized Video Uploader (AVU) and that a playlist be made for your event on the ICAM-I2CAM YouTube Channel. If you are a Super Admin you do not have to have your member status changed.
To request access to the video submission system please contact :

Denise Myrick
ICAM/I2CAM Program Coordinator
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Phone: 530-752-0387

2. If your request is approved , you will be supplied with a specific tag to add to the submission form which identifies your video/s as part of your event and an embed code for your event playlist (this code will allow you to put these videos on the ICAM site). In addition ,your member status will be temporarily changed to Authorized Video Uploader (AVU). You will be granted permission to use the upload system for 30 days , access can be extended upon request.

3. Access the “Upload Video” page through the navigation menu at the left of the “Members Home” page . (You will only be able to access this page if you are part AVU or Super Admins group.)

4. Fill out the required fields , be sure to include the tag supplied by ICAM in the tags field in addition to the tag “i2cam” . Multiple tags are separated by commas.

Note: Please add information about the videos in our video submission system.


Embedding video in ICAM site

Embed video means to place video HTML code from YouTube, where the video is stored, on the ICAM web site.

Get the video HTML code:
    Embedding the Video ICAM Site
      When you contact ICAM requesting AVU member status for your video upload/s , a playlist will be created and embedded in the presentations page for the event of the video/s . As videos become public , they will be automatically added to the playlist of the associated event and sync with the embedded playlist on our site.

    To check that all went well go to the Presentation section, on the ICAM website, and look at your new entry.

    When things go wrong

    If you have video in the wrong digital format you can use any of the following software to convert and compress the movie.

    • Sorenson  (Not free and expensive)
    • Windows Live Movie Maker (Free)
    • iDVD (Free)
    • AVS4YOU (Low cost - bundle of Audio / Video editing, converting, compressing)
    • Microsoft Expression Encoder (Free for students only - not the professional version)

    If your movie is on a MiniDv cassette, you will first need to convert the movie to a digital format. This process is called capturing the movie. Both Windows Movie Maker and iDVD can do the job of capturing. You will still need to compress the video file to a size smaller than 1GB and make sure it is in one of the supported formats.

    (YouTube supported video formats:   .MOV   .MPEG4   MP4   .AVI   .WMV   .MPEGPS   .FLV   3GPP   WebM wav, wma, wmv.)


    Currently the webcast method is using Adobe Connect.

    The camera we recomand for webcasting is the Microsoft LifeCam Studio.

    Please contact the ICAM office for information on how to setup the Adobe Connect session



    ICAM blogger

    If you are an ICAM blogger you need to belong to the ICAM blogger group.


    Blogging using Expression Engine interface

    To blog using the ICAM website interface

    •  Go to ICAM's home page  and login
    • Click on [Control Panel]
    • Click on [Publish]
    • Choose your blog and enter your post


    Blogging using 3rd party software

    The most convenient way to blog is using 3rd party software. In this way you can manage your blogs posts, edit posts, publish to multiple blogs and compose posts in a convenient word processor like application.

    Some of those software are free and some not.

    Blog account setting

    Each software has it's blog account setup procedure.

    Here are the setting of ICAM blogs:



    Blogs ID (When needed):

    • Soft matter              ID: 11
    • Quantum matter       ID: 13
    • Biological matter      ID: 14
    • Energy                     ID: 21
    • Emergent Matters    ID: 20

    You will also need your ICAM user name and password

    List of 3rd party software

    For Windows:
    For Mac:

    For Linux:

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David Pines Remembered


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The Emergent Universe

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