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Kent State University

About Kent State University

ICAM-related research at Kent State University is fairly broad. Senior and junior scientists are engaged in theoretical, experimental, and computational work in quantum matter including correlated electron systems, ultracold atoms,  etc;  soft matter including liquid crystals, membranes, etc; biological physics/chemistry including molecular biological physics,  protein folding and binding, stochastic simulation in biological systems, lipid and membrane biophysics, liquid crystalline properties of biological systems, biocomplexity in ecosystems, etc. Research in these areas are carried out in varying degrees in the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, the Liquid Crystal Institute/Chemical Physics, the Water Resources Research Institute, and the School for Biomedical Sciences. More details on the Kent State ICAM-active participants and their research can be found in the respective webpages of these departments and institutes.

Kent State University Branch Coordinator:

  * Khandker F. Quader, Professor, Department of Physics

KSU-ICAM Steering Committee:

  * Oleg Lavrentovich,Trustees Research Professor, Liquid Crystal Institute/Department of Chemical Physics
  * Laura Leff, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
  * John Portman, Associate Professor, Department of Physics
  * Paul Farrell, Department of Computer Science
  * Arne Gericke, Associate Professor, Chemistry (2003-2011)—to be replaced.

  • Joined ICAM in 2003

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David Pines Remembered


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