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Stanford University

About Stanford University

“The synthesis of teaching and research is fundamental to Stanford. All faculty do scholarly research, most often in association with graduate students or advanced undergraduates. About 2,000 postdoctoral scholars also are involved in research at Stanford. Stanford is noted for multidisciplinary research within its within its independent laboratories, centers and institutes and among departments in its seven schools.

There are more than 5,100 externally sponsored projects throughout the university, with the total budget for sponsored projects at $1.27 billion during 2012-13, including the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC). Of these projects, the federal government sponsors approximately 84 percent, including SLAC. In addition, nearly $193 million in support comes from non-federal funding sources. National research programs with centers at Stanford include the Departments of Plant Biology and Global Ecology of the Carnegie Institution for Science and the National Bureau of Economic Research.”

Courtesy of: www.stanford.edu

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