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Zhejiang Consortium

About Zhejiang Consortium

Research at the Zhejiang ICAM branch ranges from experiment and theory on correlated optical materias to the optical devices to optical measurement systems. Zhejiang ICAM participants can be found in the College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering.

The local steering committee is comprised of:

Sailing He, Department of Optical Engineering, Zhejiang University
Daru Chen, Institute of Information Optics, Zhejiang University

  • Joined ICAM in 2009

Member Institutions

  • Hangzhou Normal University
  • South China Normal University
  • Zhejiang University

Branch Members:

Senior Scientists
Post Doc

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David Pines Remembered

David Pines Remembered


27 US and 30 branches abroad (Aug 2018)

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The Emergent Universe

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