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6th I2CAM-FAPERJ Spring School: New Perspectives in Quantum Matter

April 21, 2013 – April 27, 2013

Location: CBPF, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Photo Credits: FAPERJ, Daniel Oi, Wikipedia, Wikipedia

Website: 6th I2CAM-FAPERJ Spring School Website

Organizers:  Piers Coleman, Rutgers University
                    Elisa Saitovitch, CBPF
                    Rafael Fernandes, University of Minnesota
                    Magda Fontes, CBPF

The sixth I2CAM/FAPERJ Spring School, with a focus on New Perspectives in Quantum Matter, will be held in Rio de Janeiro from 23rd - 28th April, 2013. The conference is co-funded by ICAM and FAPERJ (the state agency of Rio de Janeiro for funding research) and will be hosted by CBPF in Rio de Janeiro. This series of schools are related to topics on Emergent Behavior in Quantum Matter, Biological Physics, and Soft Matter. The participants are supported by FAPERJ, I2CAM/NSF, and CAPES. There will be approximately three lectures per day, in the ICAM format of 60 minutes talk and 30 minutes discussion, following the example of previous schools.

Invited Speakers

Gilbert Lonzarich, University of Cambridge
Hong Ding, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Physics
Piers Coleman, Rutgers University
Pascoal Pagliuso, Unicamp
Premala Chandra, Rutgers University
Rafael Fernandes, University of Minnesota

David Pines Remembered

David Pines Remembered


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The Emergent Universe

The Emergent Universe

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