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I-CAMP 2012 Summer School on Renewable and Sustainable Energy (12-2)

July 16, 2012 – August 11, 2012

Location: Boulder, CO


The Inter-Continental Advanced Materials for Photonics (I-CAMP) Summer School will enable researchers working at the forefronts of materials science & photonics to discuss the emerging uses of light for control and fundamental study of matter and advances in the use of materials to control light. The I-CAMP School will provide education for young scientists working in materials science, optics, photonics, biophysics, nanoscience, and related fields.


I-CAMP•12 Tentative Schedule

:  •  July 16, Arrival, Registration and Welcome Reception
  •  July 17, Scale Challenges in the Deployment of Renewable Energy Technologies
  •  July 18 – July 22, Overview on Science and Technology of Solar Energy Conversion to Electricity and Fuels
  •  July 23 – August 1, Organic Photovoltaics
  •  August 2 – 8, Nano and Emerging Photovoltaics
  •  August 8 – 11, NanoPV Workshop

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David Pines Remembered

David Pines Remembered


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The Emergent Universe

The Emergent Universe

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