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International Symposium on Quantum Fluids and Solids (QFS2006)

August 01, 2006 – August 06, 2006

Location: Kyoto University, Japan

QFS2006 is an international symposium devoted to traditional topics of liquid and solid 4He, 3He, 3He-4He mixtures, hydrogen, and trapped cold atomic gases, and other systems. Basic physics on superfluidity, critical phenomena, phase transition, surface physics, electrons in and on helium, quantum fluid dynamics of turbulence, nuclear magnetism etc. are discussed. Emphasis is also given to novel experimental techniques developed at low temperatures. Other fields of physics and engineering are welcome to participate in this symposium. The meeting is a continuation of a long series of symposia, started in Sanibel (Florida) in 1975. This conference is the only series of symposia for quantum fluids and solids (QFS) which is held once every year except in the year for the international conference on Low Temperature Physics (LT).

David Pines Remembered

David Pines Remembered


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