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Workshop on Emerging Topics of Silicon Photonics (2824)

November 07, 2012 – November 10, 2012

Location: Guangzhou, China

alternate textPhoto Credits: ACP-conf.com, IBM, yvrdeals.com, Enthone.com

Organizers: Sailing He, Zhejiang University
                      Liu Liu, South China Normal University

This workshop will bring together scientists in the areas of photonic integration, energy materials, and nanotechnology to discuss recent advances in the field of silicon photonics, especially nano-waveguiding (optical interconnects) and the harvesting (photovoltaics) of light. It will also address emerging technologies and ideas that push the applications of silicon photonics. Topics such as hybrid integration, photonic-electronic integration, active and tunable mechanisms, nano-fabrication, and solar light harvesting will be covered.

This workshop will be co-located with the Asia Communications and Photonics Conference (ACP) 2012.

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