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Associate VP, Research Engagement The Petroleum Institute

Posted by Tish on 09/23 at 09:23 AM

  Date Posted
  Aug. 3, 2015

  Job Title
  Associate VP, Research Engagement

  Research & Development

  Department Website

  The Petroleum Institute
  Abu dhabi, Abu Dhabi
  United Arab Emirates

  Application Deadline
  Oct. 31, 2015

  Position Start Date
  Available immediately

  Website For Job

  Job Categories
  Associate Vice-(Provost/Chancellor)

  Academic Fields
  Senior Administration

  Act as primary research liaison between faculty, department chairs, directors, and deans and SVP and appropriate R&D personnel. Become thoroughly familiar with scientific and engineering talent base within PI and externally.

  Coordinate with department chairs, directors, and deans the activity, results, and impacts to promote PI faculty and student research activity. Report this activity on an annual basis, assist in incorporating it into the R&D Strategic Plan, aligning it to the ADNOC Research Agenda, and optimize its professional benefit to faculty, students, and postdoctoral associates.

  Operationalize PI R&D Strategic Plan and ADNOC Research Agenda by segmenting goals and objectives into upstream, downstream and educational areas, and further segmenting into departments, research centers, and projects. Categorize goals and objectives as fundamental research, applied research or technical services. Work with Director, PIRC Operation and Development to estimate timelines for activity that are congruent with budget, research facilities, research personnel, and partnership capability and availability for those activities involving PIRC.

  Promote research mentor relationships, peer collaboration and other best practices in promoting research engagement.

  Coordinate with Director of Sponsored Research to facilitate the development of faculty proposals to include dissemination of internal and external opportunities, teaming, and enhancing efficiencies in proposal preparation and submission.

  Solicit faculty level feedback to optimize the administrative performance and scientific reporting of internally and externally funded research projects including execution, reporting, follow-through, provision of financial support, and accountability, through their life cycles and renewals as appropriate. Likewise, Coordinate with Sponsored Research Office Director and others Directors of PIRC, and other centers to optimize faculty participation with these units.

  In liaison with the Sponsored Research Office Director, lead the development of internal RFPs that define research goals, objectives and budget in an area and solicit interest of qualified researchers and research teams to undertake research. Lead proposal evaluation for internal RFPs in transparent and competitive procedures, awarding research grants to the most meritorious applicants.

  Advise SVP regarding annual and multi-year budgets to support research and provide feedback in establishing the overall ADPIRC budget and the impact of both on PI faculty development and retention.

  Develop between PI and ADNOC GoC a technical network of expertise to better understand within PI the operational challenges, bring solutions to them and develop first class well focus research projects.

  Collaborate with Director of External Relations and Collaboration to build and operate a world-class network of externally-partnered research capability and talent, executed with international universities.

  Develop awards and events to celebrate and recognize academic and research engagement.

  Generate ideas to improve and enhance effective engagement and communication within the Faculty with regards to research. Providing opportunities to ensure that staff are well informed and, engaged and are provided with opportunities for feedback.

  Direct Engagement, Compliance, and Research Impact Officers. These will enhance the responsible conduct of research, and elevate the stature of research and associated faculty by facilitating visibility and communication to the international scientific community. Assist R&D personnel to bring results of sponsored research to ADPIRC inventory and facilitate transfer into ADNOC GoC.

  Act as Deputy / Acting SVP for R&D when requested by SVP for R&D and approved by PI ,President.

Main Duties

  To understand and promote PI’s research and development objectives; to serve as an advocate for the PI faculty and a liaison to PI faculty in accordance with PI’s established rules, regulations and approved procedures; to intervene to stop unsafe acts and practices; and to be accountable for the well-being and safety of own self and others, including all contracted labor force-unskilled, semiskilled, and skilled.

  To manage and control the activities of assigned personnel in the reporting units. To perform supervisory functions and excise financial authority in accordance the delegation of authority manual.

  To plan, direct and actively participate in ongoing training and professional development of self and subordinates with special emphasis on UAE Nations.

  To facilitate the formulation and implementation of ADPIRC’s vision, mission and strategic objectives in accordance with ADNOC corporate and Abu Dhabi technical objectives as it relates to the faculty.

  To assist the SVP in establishing and managing the Capex and Opex original budgets for the Research Agenda, and monitor actual budget distribution and expenditures.

  To enhance the development of annual strategic objectives and KPIs in research and development. Specifically assisting the SVP to manage and follow up on these activities especially ensuring alignment with faculty research as part of the overall Research Agenda and compilation of performance contract and performance measurement tolls.

  To solicit feedback and provide a faculty perspective to the SVP to ensure that the R&D function is working towards achieving its respective objectives in the design and selection of a management information system in support of the research enterprise.

  To assist the SVP in facilitating the relationship between ADPIRC and ADNOC GoC and other academic and research institutions on all Joint Industry/Academia projects and interfaces with third parties regarding R&D projects.

  To facilitate the development of an advanced computational framework coupled with research activity for simulation and modeling of reserves and related operating processes.

  To assist the SVP to identify the best technologies to develop ADNOC’s difficult reserves and recommend laboratory work, research projects and pilots.

  To bring a faculty perspective to the SVP in identifying and initiating new applied R&D ideas/proposals and to assist in managing/steering approved projects.

Key Performance Indicators:

  Responsible, along with the Sr. VP Research and Development, for interfacing activities of ADPIRC with PI faculty.

  Responsible for growing and nurturing a culture of R&D, and associated competencies within ADPRIC and the PI faculty.

  Responsible for representation in general PI business planning to fulfill Research Agenda and associated technology transfer.

  Responsible, along with Chairs and Deans, for motivating research team members from PI faculty to accomplish their R&D goals and objectives.


a.Ph.D. or equivalent and faculty status.
b.Successful record of research

Work Experience:

  Experience working in areas applicable to applied and fundamental R&D in oil and gas industry, research organizational affiliated with the oil and gas industry, or university R&D strategic initiatives. More than 10 years experience preferred.

  Experience with managerial role overseeing locally and externally sponsored research. More than 5 years experience preferred.

Competencies (Technical & Behavioral)


  Strong managerial & leadership
  Decision making and risk management
  Communication, negotiation and persuasion
  Visioning, strategy and planning
  Sincere interest in coaching & mentoring
  Commitment to the philosophy, mission, values, and vision of PI
  Drive and enthusiasm and passion for R&D
  Assertive and progressive

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David Pines Remembered


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