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Assistant Professor in Solid-State Inorganic Chemistry

Posted by Tish on 09/30 at 09:51 AM

The LSU Chemistry Department is searching for an assistant professor in solid-state inorganic chemistry.

Information is posted at the LSU System web application site:


There are several other faculty positions available as well in organic (assistant prof level) and an open-rank position in physical/environmental chemistry. 
I’d appreciate it if you could distribute this information to others in the solid-state field and encourage suitable candidates to apply. 
LSU Chemistry has a strong history of diversity in our graduate students and faculty. 
We certainly plan to continue this and are very much looking for diversity in our candidate pool as well. 
I’m the Chair of the inorganic search committee and any questions can be addressed to me. 
Applications need to be submitted via the LSU System web site (link above) and letters of recommendation sent to Ms. Vickie Thornton (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) here in LSU Chemistry. 
I’d like to note that we have an outstanding single-crystal X-ray facility run by Dr. Frank Fronczek, several powder diffractometers, and a compact synchrotron facility (CAMD) with a new high-intensity wiggler system for materials characterization.  LSU Physics has a strong condensed-matter program with an excellent history of collaboration with Chemistry. 
I can also guarantee a friendly, supportive environment for assistant professors.  We have a new Chair, Carol Taylor, who is strongly supportive of faculty, our graduate program, and is working hard at generating resources for our department. 

George G. Stanley, Ph.D.
Cyril & Tuttle Vetter Alumni Professor
Department of Chemistry
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-1804
Office phone:  (225)-578-3471
Cell phone:  (225)-773-6201

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