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Rajiv Singh

Screen Name: RSingh
Email: singh@physics.ucdavis.edu
ICAM Affiliation: Full ICAM Member
Branch Affiliation: University of California, Davis
Organization 1: UC Davis
Organization 2: Physics Department
Organization Type: University
Research Area: Quantum Magnetism and High Temperature Superconductors: Use of series expansion methods (High Temperature expansions, expansions around the Ising and Dimerized limits at zero temperature) to study properties of Heisenberg-Hubbard and $t-J$ models. Calculations of thermodynamic properties, correlation functions, neutron and Raman scattering spectra, single and multi-particle excitations—to compare with various experimental systems and also to look for exotic quantum phases and phase transitions. Prions and Amyloids: Theoretical (kinetic) modeling of timescales in prion diseases and studies of metal binding of prion protein using density functional theory DNA electronics and denaturation: Studies of electronic structure of DNA using density functional theory and study of sequence dependence of DNA denaturation due to stress using simple statistical models.
Research Description:
Thrust Area: N/A

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David Pines Remembered


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The Emergent Universe

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