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Elayaraja Muthuswamy

Screen Name: MER
Email: emuthuswamy@ucdavis.edu
ICAM Affiliation:
Branch Affiliation: University of California, Davis
Organization 1:
Organization 2:
Organization Type:
Research Area: Solution based synthesis of Ge nanoparticles: Factors that control the physical attributes of the Ge nanoparticles are explored currently. A good synthetic methodology would enable in having an excellent control of the nanoparticle size and morphology which would lead to better understanding of their size and shape dependent properties. In addition to Ge, work is also going on in extending the developed synthetic methodology for the preparation of GeSi alloy nanoparticles of varying compositions. The alloy formation would facilitate controlling band gap based on their composition.
Research Description:
Thrust Area: Energy

David Pines Remembered

David Pines Remembered


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The Emergent Universe

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