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James Allen

Screen Name: jwallen
Email: jwallen@umich.edu
ICAM Affiliation: Full ICAM Member
Branch Affiliation: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Organization 1: Department of Physics
Organization 2: University of Michigan
Organization Type: University
Research Area: My research is directed broadly at the electronic structure of solids, and the relationship between electronic structure and exotic emergent low energy, low temperature properties, e.g., heavy fermions, mixed valence fluctuations, the Kondo effect, Mott-Hubbard insulation, and non-Fermi liquid behavior arising from quantum critical fluctuations and/or electron fractionalization such as occurs in the Luttinger liquid. The experimental tools are (1) laboratory or synchrotron-radiation-excited electron spectroscopies (e.g. photoemission), and (2) synchrotron-radiation-excited x-ray fluorescence, absorption and inelastic x-ray scattering. These spectroscopies are used to measure the spectral weights of single-particle or two-particle electron Green’s functions, which can then be related to emergent low energy properties by suitable many body theories. Off campus work is currently conducted at the Wisconsin Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, the Advanced Light Source of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the SPring-8 Synchrotron in Japan.
Research Description:
Thrust Area: Quantum Matter

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