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Chandrabhas Narayana

Screen Name: chandrabhas
Email: cbhas@jncasr.ac.in
ICAM Affiliation: Full ICAM Member
Branch Affiliation: JNCASR Bangalore
Organization 1: JNCASR
Organization 2:
Organization Type: University
Research Area: The Research in my group is divided into 4 parts. (a) Brillouin Spectroscopy of materials: here the interest is to undersstand the mechanical property of materials through elastic constant measurements. Along side there is an interest in using this tool to understand magnetism, spin phonon, electron phonon interactions in system.  (b) Raman spectroscopic studies: Here we use Raman to study phase transitions, using Raman to understand the physics of materials. (c) High Pressure Research using both Raman and X-ray (synchrotron): Here we use pressure to take materials to extreme pressures (eg. Hydrogen, Aluminum, Silane, Mathane etc.) otherwise to perturb the system to relatively moderate pressures to derive important physical pictures for producing novel properties. (d) Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy of Biological systems: To provide an alternative to x-ray diffraction for drug discovery and drug protein interactions as well as to be a platform for disease diagnostics.
Research Description:
Thrust Area: Biological Matter Energy

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The Emergent Universe

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