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Zhaoru Sun

Screen Name: zrsun
Email: zrsun@pku.edu.cn
ICAM Affiliation: Not ICAM
Branch Affiliation: International Center for Quantum Materials (ICQM), Peking University
Organization 1:
Organization 2:
Organization Type: University
Research Area: Adsorption of water monomers on ice surface, relevant to the physical/chemical reaction in ice clouds as well as growth of ice, remains an open issue partially due to the unusual surface characteristics with protons at top layer of ice. By using first-principle calculations, we show that, due to an effective electronic field created by dangling OH bonds and lone pairs as well as their effect on the dipole moment of adsorbed water monomer, the adsorption energy of water monomer on ice surface exhibits large variance and a strong correlation with the proton order parameter of ice surface which characterizes the inhomogeneity of the dangling atoms. That is, the more inhomogeneous the surface is, the more likely the adsorption occurs, suggesting that the growth of ice as well as physical/chemical reactions may prefer to occur firstly at surfaces with larger proton order parameter.
Research Description:
Thrust Area: Quantum Matter

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David Pines Remembered


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