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Alejandra Ventura

Alejandra Ventura

Screen Name: Alejandra Ventura
Email: alejvent@gmail.com
ICAM Affiliation:
Branch Affiliation: CONICET
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Research Area: I would define myself as a young scientist who applies a physical/mathematical training to the study of biological mechanisms and the physics involved in them. Both my doctoral and my postdoctoral projects were focused on the physical and mathematical “modeling” of a biological process of critical importance at the cellular level, and connected to intracellular signaling. “Modeling” means here the act of building a mathematical framework. In both cases, I combined analytical and numerical (computational) studies with the analysis of experimental data. Even though my studies are focus on biology, and I know biology is intrinsically complex, my research philosophy is based on the search of simplicity. That does not mean that I am satisfied by a mere qualitative description, my challenge is to develop simple models to give quantitative answers to biological/physical questions. I am particularly interested in mathematical approaches to information transfer in cellular signaling. I am interested in understanding the molecular regulatory mechanisms and protein networks that perform certain signal transduction and computations within the cell, and how these mechanisms are deregulated in different diseases.
Research Description:
Thrust Area: Biological Matter


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