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Bradley Nolan

Screen Name: bmnolan
Email: bmnolan@ucdavis.edu
ICAM Affiliation:
Branch Affiliation: University of California, Davis
Organization 1:
Organization 2:
Organization Type:
Research Area: Inorganic nanomaterials synthesis for energy applications
Research Description: My doctoral research has focused on the synthesis and characterization of Group IV (Si, Ge) nanomaterials with an emphasis on collaboration within UC Davis as well as at external universities. In my first publication, I reported on the synthesis and quantification of silicon nanoparticles (Si NPs) produced by the oxidation of Zintl phase silicide materials that possessed various silicon cluster sizes. My current research is concentrated on the optimization of a novel synthesis to produce hollow germanium nanoparticles (Ge NPs) via the electroless deposition of GeI2 on to sacrificial silver nanoparticle (Ag NP) templates. Hollow Ge NPs are promising materials for battery anodes and I am actively collaborating with the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab to test the electrochemical properties of the hollow Ge NPs.
Thrust Area: Energy

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The Emergent Universe

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