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Ravindra Bhatt

Screen Name: ravinbhatt
Email: ravin@princeton.edu
ICAM Affiliation: Full ICAM Member
Branch Affiliation: Princeton University
Organization 1: Princeton University
Organization 2:
Organization Type: University
Research Area: Theoretical condensed matter physics
Research Description: His research is focused on disordered and correlated electronic systems, metal-insulator transitions, doped semiconductors, quantum Hall effect, spin glasses and other random magnetic models, high-temperature superconductors, quantum fluids and solids, charge density waves, and structural phase transitions. Of particular emphasis in recent years has been the study of quantum phase transitions, such as those encountered in doped semiconductors, two-dimensional electron systems in the quantum Hall regime, strongly correlated oxides, and quantum spin systems.
Thrust Area: N/A

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The Emergent Universe

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