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Alain Sacuto

Screen Name: sacuto
Email: alain.sacuto@univ-paris-diderot.fr
ICAM Affiliation: Not ICAM
Branch Affiliation: Paris Consortium
Organization 1:
Organization 2:
Organization Type: University
Research Area: I ‘m working on strongly correlated systems in which orders compete against each other such as high-Tc superconductors (cuprates, pnictides) and multiferroics.  About multiferroics, my group has made several breakthroughs: we demonstrated that a spin density wave could be controlled by an electric field and revealed the hybrid character of the electromagnons “spin wave electrically polarized”. About superconductors, my field of predilection, we have shown that superconducting and spin density wave orders coexist in pnictides. These two orders compete and share different parts of the Fermi surface. This induces a strong anisotropy of the superconducting gap and possibly a decrease of the critical temperature Tc. About the cuprates, the most spectacular advance is the discovery that only a fraction of the Fermi surface is involved in superconductivity. Tc is no more controlled solely by the superconducting gap. The fraction of coherent Fermi surface where superconductivity settles has to be considered. This gives rise to the emergence of a new relationship between the superconducting gap and Tc (distinct from the BCS theory) and reveals the compromise which has to be found for increasing Tc.
Research Description:
Thrust Area: Quantum Matter

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