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ICAM’s Science, Education, and Engagement (SEE) Initiatives

IIn the past, there has been a tendency to view scientific research (from fundamental to applied), education (undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral), and engagement (outreach including industrial and philanthropic interactions, K-12 and informal education, and policy / public affairs) as separate activities, practiced one-at-a-time and lodged in different organizational and administrative units. Yet as citizen-scientists, we know these activities are closely interwoven; we want our lives to be less fragmented, and our contributions to making the world a better place maximized.

We believe there is now an excellent opportunity to place ICAM in a position of global leadership in science, education, and engagement by:

  • Continuing ICAM’s leadership role in informal science education by updating and expanding its online science centers EmergentUniverse.org, and Music of the Quantum and its online interview site, Great Explanations.
  • Making readily available the existing “best practices” at its partner institutions through descriptions and links to these at ICAM Branch SEE Activities and Innovative Courses and Web sites
  • A program of SEE grants to encourage scientists at ICAM branches to develop new materials for informal science education
  • Nurturing global collaborations on SEE programs by working with ICAM branches and other leading institutions in the US and abroad
  • Continuing to work with Shawn Carlson and LabRats.org on developing a learning center for middle school students, http://iLearnScience.org 
  • Using its convening power to coalesce the community of engaged scientists and enhance their number and effectiveness

  • through workshops on initiatives in science education and unifying SEE concepts, and by supporting regional summits on SEE initiatives.


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