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Thrust Areas


ICAM-I2CAM scientists presently work in the following areas:


Quantum Matter

ICAM-I2CAM scientists seek to identify the organizing principles responsible for the remarkable range of quantum phases observed in strongly correlated electron systems, such as the heavy electron materials and the “high T_c” cuprate superconductors, and to discover new ones. Considerable attention has also gone to the properties of memristors, new device elements, topological insulators, and cold atom systems.


Biological Matter

ICAM-I2CAM scientists work together to understand the organizing principles underlying the diverse phenomena of biological matter. Among the topics of recent workshops and research are: protein folding, amyloidogenic proteins, the physical aspects of astrocytes, cytoskeletal function and mechanics, and quantum coherence effects in biological systems.


Soft Matter

ICAM-I2CAM researchers also actively explore the organizing principles of soft matter systems, such as liquid crystals, colloidal suspensions, jamming, self-assembly,  and polymer blends. These intriguing fragile forms of matter easily respond to mechanical stresses, electric and magnetic fields, temperature variations, and light, assuring a richness of physics phenomena and a wealth of technological applications.


Novel Materials for Sustainable Energy

ICAM has initiated a thrust to work on new materials for sustainable energy, which includes a focus on: superconductivity for the smart grid, strongly correlated electronic materials for energy storage, and novel photovoltaic materials.

Additional details about the accomplishments and scope of the ICAM science and research effort may be found on the following links:

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